Introducing – Peace

Arriving early to catch Death Grips last night at Nation of Shopkeepers in Leeds, we were treated to our favourite discovery of the last few weeks in the shape of Peace, the most impractically named band of I’ve ever heard. Whilst coming across live like a better and less pretentious Foals, on record there are elements of Friendly Fires and Theme Park, whilst they retain the tension and religious chaos of WU LYF. They make scuzzy, throaty math-rock and it is totally brilliant. Details are predictably thin on the ground, but they are a four-piece from the Midlands, made up of Harrison, Dominic, Samuel and Douglas, with the manifesto “MUSIC TO GRIND, ROLL & SMOKE / MUSIC TO FUCK YOU IN THE HEART”.

Check the video to BBLOOD below.

And their remix of Tall SHips.


Check their Facebook here.
And their official site.
And why not their Twitter just for good measure.

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