Juno – Counting Backwards Causes Explosions EP

Release Date – 26th January 2012
Label – Juno
Rating – 8/10 

Back with a vengeance after their 2010 hiatus, newly-reformed punk rock band Juno bring us their third EP, Counting Backwards Causes Explosions. This brilliantly angsty release transports you back to some of your best years of teenage indulgence: black band tees, trying to sneak off to gigs, picking up an instrument for the first time – you remember. And Juno are here to remind us that all that was more than just a phase.

Every track gives a different nuance of those punk rock years, making it seem that you can finally find all of your old favourites in one place. Of course, this kind of project could go horribly wrong – we all remember our high school bands’ poor imitation of the ‘greats’ like Blink-182 and Green Day (before American Idiot that is). Fortunately with Juno this is not the case. In fact, it’s so much not the case that I was left gobsmacked at their being a Leeds-local, unsigned band. The quality of the production, the writing and the musicianship on this EP is close to rivalling the international superstars they cite as influences. ‘Forgive me’ is an excellent example of this – a raw, memorable track featuring excellent guitar work.

Before I get too carried away singing this band’s praises, however, I should note that ‘Take me home’ lets the EP down somewhat – the melodies are more contrived and the track as a whole is less memorable than the others. Maybe ‘Take me home’ only falls short by a little, but on an otherwise stellar release a little can seem like a lot.

That’s absolutely no reason to shy away from Counting Backwards Causes Explosions though – the great thing about EPs is that they aren’t albums, they aren’t the be all and end all of a band but more of an insight into their potential. And overall this release shows a phenomenal amount – a great EP from a true asset to the Leeds music scene.

Check out the band here.

Listen to it here: http://www.myspace.com/junothebandrock/music/songs?filter=featured

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