Sportsman – 1980


Words by Brittany Reid

Release Date – 4th February 2013
Label – Best Fit Recordings
Rating – 7/10

‘1980’ is an immensely refreshing track to listen to. Just under four minutes long, this song could easily be lengthened. Extremely gentle and soothing, it is the perfect song for a ‘sit down’. And yes, I am aware that I seem to be an elderly lady.

Ethereal in its nature, this song could easily be a hair raiser. However, just as the guitar riffs hit their prime the song abruptly ends leaving us wanting more. Sportsman’s voice is tender to listen to, although my friend and I did hear inflections of George Michael throughout. I am unsure if this is a compliment…

This is definitely a song worth a listen to and I cannot wait to hear Sportman’s album.

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