The Thermals – Born To Kill

thermals mbmb

Words by Benjamin Salt

Release Date – 16th April 2013
Label – Saddle Creek
Rating – 8/10

It’s been a poor few years for politically charged punk. With Titus Andronicus being the only real band creating angst fuelled anthems even remotely challenging the status quo, there has been a Thermals shaped hole missing in the genre waiting to be refilled. Three years on from last album Personal Life it is the perfect time for the trio to make their return.

Comeback single ‘Born To Kill’ is a bold statement. Immediately launching into the aggressive drums and overdriven guitars that the band are famed for, this is a reenergised Thermals.

Frontman Hutch Harris’s venomous delivery is revitalised – his newfound vigour echoing infamous Dead Kennedys frontman Jello Biafra while his lyrics are also sharp and poignant. In this mass consumer culture we live in the couplets ‘I will never be dry/I’ll never be satisfied’ and ‘‘I will never be done/I’ll always be hungry’’ resound with anyone who has ever felt the claustrophobia caused by the bombardment of advertisements we are indoctrinated with.

The Thermals are back, and it’s about bloody time.

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