Listen – Låpsley – Painter (Valentine)

Låpsley lapsley painter valentine music broke my bones mbmb

I have to be frank, I missed the initial fuss around Låpsley recently, and have been playing catch-up on Soundcloud this week and having an absolute blast. There’s a touching honesty to the seventeen year old’s raw vocal, pitched against itself across ‘Painter (Valentine)’ which sits somewhere around the chillstep of Cyril Hahn, Maths Time Joy et al, yet with a further, nagging reminiscence to love of our (MBMB) life Lyla Foy. Not acoustic, with all the folky, jumpery cliches that come with the accusation, but certainly not entirely electronic, this is a fascinating journey through generical convention. Wildly exciting.

Let it serenade you to sleep.

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