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Hatched on a miserable, drunken night in Leeds, Music Broke My Bones is the brainchild of three individuals (Will T, Will W, and Joe) who decided that what the world was missing, what the world was crying out for, was another music blog.  And not just a blog, but a blog which would misuse grammar in the way that only a closet dyslexic (*Will) could do. 

Music Broke My Bones is an online magazine originally based in Leeds and now in the musical heartland that is Tooting Bec, South London.  As every other blog does, we will try to post excellent music, as and when. Feel free to send submissions, but be warned that we don’t often get a chance to actually listen to much in our inboxes. If you’re great, we will (read: might) find you.

will DOT tompsett AT musicbrokemybones DOT co DOT uk
will DOT woodward AT musicbrokemybones DOT co DOT uk

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